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The Alentejo is an almost unknown territory for those who enjoy walking throughout the world. It corresponds to a third of Portugal's continental portion, with 27.224 km2, but only about 512,000 inhabitants. It is a territory marked by the rural landscape, where the authenticity and time are the most precious values.

From a geographical standpoint, there are all kinds of beautiful scenery. To the north are the mountains of the Serra de São Mamede, over the plains the extensive forests of cork oak trees, further south is Lake Alqueva, the largest artificial lake in Europe and benefiting from its waters are the extensive cereal prairies, finally, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the well-preserved Costa Vicentina.

The Alentejo is a real box of surprises for those who enjoy walking. Although our walks have been started in 1996, it was only in 2013, with the presentation of the project "Rota Vicentina", that the territory started to gain international visibility for walks. In early 2016, it released two new hiking networks: "TransAlentejo Alqueva" around the big lake and "Alentejo FeelNature" in the northern region.


In Portugal, a Land Finely Aged Like Wine
by Eli Gottlieb, 16 Jan 2016


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You can observe the location of the territory in Portugal, the main roads, airports and the location of the three networks of marked hiking trails. But more than these pedestrian pathways networks you can count with much more exclusive offer at Walk in Alentejo.

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