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SAL is a tour operator specialized in Nature and Cultural Tourism.
It was founded on April 1, 1996 by José Pedro Calheiros and Jorge Calheiros, two brothers who believed that the future development of their country would be based in the nature and knowledge tourism.

All activities take place in the territory of Portugal, for residents and tourists. All the events take place preferably in natural or cultural environment, and with the clear objective of creating happiness and sharing knowledge with visitors and locals.

Since the summer of 1996 SAL has a regular schedule of walking tours every weekend. Currently has about 190 walking diferent tours, nature and urban, ready to be used. Since September 1997, the Alentejo was a favorite spot for hiking, at a time when nature tourism was almost non-existent in this area and there was no marked walking routes.

Since then the SAL activity has grown immensely in the Alentejo, having been established in October 2010 the trademark Walk in Alentejo for better promotion in international markets.

With a day program, a weekend, a few days or long journeys, choosing Walk in Alentejo is to make sure you will walk with people who know a lot of the territory of Alentejo and loves sharing knowledge and feelings about an admirable Portugal, almost unknown.

Since 1996

Since 2010

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José Pedro Calheiros
The Mentor

Passionate about human relations, with a huge love of nature and culture and with a great desire to learn and disseminate knowledge make their job with a pleasure shared to everyone around him. Possessed of refined humor, critical and scathing based on a huge independence and freedom of spirit.
Carlos Sousa
The Professional

Everything is prepared to the smallest detail. All imponderables are provided with an accurate technique and all times are scrupulously fulfilled. Its already distant military background makes him an example of good practices combined with an unparalleled gentleness.
Suzel Gary
The Methodical

There are uncanny accuracy in your organization, in their gestures, attitudes and the development of their actions. As if everything is actually easy and accessible to everyone. Sympathy is a constant brand image always supported by a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the environment.
Fernando Caiado
The Diplomat

Able to combine the knowledge to an attitude of permanent delicacy and seduction. He loves to guide large groups which gives explanations of paused way, gentle and knowledgeable, using their serious and well placed voice. Always presents a huge security posture, and firm in the decisions.
Victor Santos
The Naturalist

The flora and natural landscape are your favorite locations. Concerned about every detail, using photography as a method to immortalize every moment. He loves a good conversation about the history of the past but also about what world we will leave to future generations.
João Caiado
The Attentive

The excessive sympathy characterizes its activity, leading him to always anticipate the needs of participants, trying to pay attention to everyone, preferably simultaneously. Very interested in the historical notes of the rides, always makes detailed explanations of points of interest.
Alexandre Reis
The Good Warrior

An endless creative ability combined with a deep interest in issues of nature and history of Portugal opposed to an absolutely indomitable spirit. Difficulties are small stones on the path that jump easily. Shy when you need to speak to large groups, gain confidence when speaking in a personal way.
Jorge Gonçalves
The Geographer

He knows that there is a proper relationship between people and nature around them and loves to enjoy these dynamics, sharing them through their own knowledge. His serious attitude, almost formal, makes him a keen observer looking to collect the best information of all that surrounds him.
Luís Gaspar
 The humorous
The word "difficulty" is not taken very seriously, because the solutions are always the objective and relatively easy to fulfill. To this we join a good layout, a brilliant organizational skills and a radiant sympathy that transmits to all who surround him.

Official Tourist Company

Licensed by Turismo de Portugal IP
Turismo de Portugal IP is the central public authority responsible for licensing, promotion, enhancement and sustainability of Tourism activities, aggregating within a single entity all the institutional competencies related to stimulation of tourism activities, from the supply sector to demand.

RNAAT 28/2003
National Register of Tourist Animation Agents
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RNAVT 5107
National Register of Tour Operators and Travel Agents
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Associate and Director of Turismo do Alentejo Promotional Agency
Turismo do Alentejo Promotional Agency is the regional tourism promotional bureau responsible for marketing the Alentejo abroad. The promotional work is done with travel industry in Portugal and abroad to promote successfully the Alentejo to tourists around the world.

Member of General Council of Turismo do Alentejo ERT
Turismo do Alentejo ERT is the regional tourism entity responsible for the overall organization of regional tourism, since the product organization, support entrepreneurship, raising funds for tourism projects and tourism promotion for the domestic market.

Interest Activity for Tourism in Portugal
The SAL Walking Tours in Lisbon Region and Alentejo were declared, on 31 January 2012, as Interest Activity for Tourism in Portugal by Turismo de Portugal IP

Nature Tourism Company
SAL as Tourist Company carries out its activities, also, in the National Network of Protected Areas and has the title of Nature Tourism Company which guarantees the uniqueness of action, being obliged to fulfill the Code of Conduct set out in law Portaria 651/2009

Member of the Strategic Council of Serra de São Mamede Natural Park
The park includes the substance of the mountain of the same name, the most important of Alentejo reliefs. It is a space that, of course, surprise us by landscape diversity well expressed in the variety of its geology and forest. Its territory is situated in the municipalities of Marvão, Castelo de Vide, Portalegre and Arronches.

Insuraces - All the insurances required by law

Civil Responsability (Animation) - Insurance policy 095/00933717/000 Europeia Liberty Seguros. Maximum liability 50.000,00 Euros. Franchise 10% of the indemnity with minimal 200,00Euros.

Civil Responsability (Tour Operator) - Insurance policy 095/00242614/000 Europeia Liberty Seguros. Maximum liability 75.000,00 Euros. Franchise 10% of the indemnity with minimal 500,00Euros.

Personal Accidents - Insurance policy 027/00002411/000 Europeia Liberty Seguros - Death or Permanent Disability 20.000,00 Euros - Treatment Expenses 3,500.00 Euros.

All brands are registered by Sistemas de Ar Livre Lda in the Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property
- SAL is a trademark with number 346112
- SAL Logo is a trademark with number 503596
- Walk in Alentejo is a trademark with number 481742


is a trademark of SAL Sistemas de Ar Livre Lda
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