Alentejo Overview
This is the hiking program for those who want to have a global view of Alentejo as a tourist destination for Nature. A enormous extent of the territory with many differences in landscapes, needs a minimum of 7 days to walk, also having the 10 and 15 day version. This is the ideal program for those who have time to visit and feel different landscapes.

Duration, Calendar and Group
12 days program
- October to May (*)
Groups from 6 to 16 participants

Indicative Prices
99,99 Euros a day per person (dinner free - not included)
119,99 Euros a day per person (with dinners)

Bookings and Reservations
Prepare this program as early as possible. The final reservation must be made up to three months before the date of the program, because it takes time to prepare the hotel reservation, the final study of the routes, the choice of guides and the public and private legal authorizations.
As information by email

Daily Program
The days of the program always include a pedestrian route, of varying dimensions, but never of extreme difficulty, which starts in the morning and runs, unhurriedly, until the end of the morning or in the afternoon.

The list of walking routes over the days, for each program, can be changed by different conditions, always maintaining the totality of the offer presented. Unexpected situations of a meteorological nature, restrictions of access, inoperability of the trail, hunting days, blocking by owners or others may imply occasional changes to the global program.
On the longest routes there will be a fly-by lunch, distributed to the walkers after breakfast, and on the shorter walks, we try to go to lunch at a restaurant typical of the local communities. Don't expect luxuries or tourist sites.

After the hikes, there will be time to get to know a little of the local communities, with a visit to the Municipal Museum, Church, Archaeological Monument or Historic Center.

In all programs there will always be one or two visits to a Community Institution - Center for the Elderly, Charity, Disabled, Children with Special Needs, Environment, Nature Conservation, Wild Birds or others. Visiting hikers will, whenever appropriate, be asked for a small financial contribution to help this institution. However, the main reason for these visits is to show what is done in the territory at this level and to contribute to its dissemination.

After these visits there will be time to try a typical sample of Portuguese cuisine. It can be more traditional in a tavern or cellar, with cheeses, sausages and wines or more contemporary in a pastry with sweets and delicious coffee.

The program dinner may or may not be included. In case of being included, family-based restaurants will always be chosen, with typical food and always with alternatives for differentiated options - medical diet, vegetarians, religious options, others. For programs without dinner included, you can be free in case of a place with several alternatives or a restaurant will be chosen in the modality of "each person chooses his menu and makes his payment".

See a big size map at bottom of the page


- Accommodation at Hotel with all facilities - Double room
- Breakfast an Hotel, all days
- Lunch box ou restaurant lunch
- Dinner all days OR free dinner (not included)
- Transfers from/to airport/train station (fly/train not included)
- Transfers from/to trails places
- Permanent guide and logistics
- Insurance and national licences by law
- VAT and Taxes

Suplements to consider
- Wine Cheese / Coffee Cake - Pay at local places.
- Single Room -
30,00 to 40,00 Euros a day.
- Charity Donation or Community Visits at local institutions.
- Summer, Christmas, New Year, Easter
- Ask disponibilities and extra custs.
- Groups with less than 6 or more than 16 participants - Ask specific program and custs.


This information must be oficialized by a concret proposal and budget. Put your questions and ask to

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The Day 0 is considered the arrival day, when the schedules of the planes or trains are variable. Considering the long distances to travel by car to the program's initial accommodation, this day is usually reserved for accommodation and, if there is time, a short walk around the hotel followed by the presentation dinner.


Walking Tour "Arribas do Tejo" - "Tagus River Banks"
16Km - Medium plus difficulty - Accessible to good walkers
This is the part of the Alentejo region located to the north of the River Tagus. In mediaeval times, the area was defended by Belver Castle. These were the Lands of Guidintesta, given over to the Order of the Hospital, which built a replica of Jerusalem’s Belvoir Fortress here. The river marks a trail through nature teeming with life; here, too, are megalithic remains,
historical defensive structures, ancient but now submerged river and sulphurous spas, and a huge, dammed reflecting pool, bounded by a romantic walkway.

Walking Tour "Trilho da Mina de Ouro dos Romanos" -"Roman Gold Mine Trail"
8,5Km - Medium difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
More than 2000 years of history await us close to the majestic world geological heritage of Portas de Ródão. In times past and for hundreds of years, the riverbed was "washed" to collect the gold nuggets that sprouted between the rolled pebbles. In addition to fantastic landscapes, this is a journey marked by the history of mankind.

Walking Tour "Conquista do Castelo de Marvão" - "Conquest of Marvão Castle"
8,5Km - Medium plus difficulty - Accessible to good walkers
Vila de Marvão is a magical place with a medieval castle on top of a rocky hill from which you can see the whole world. Perfectly preserved at the level of houses and knowledge, it is an unmistakable place. In the end, discover the ancient secrets of how wine is produced in huge clay pots and taste the local cuisine.

Walking Tour "Escritas de Pedra e Cal" - "Writings in Stone and Lime"
13Km - Medium difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
Being in Monsaraz is almost like touching the sky. High on top of its more than three hundred metre altitude, it dominates the surrounding plain and ensures the best views of Lake Alqueva, which almost reaches the base of its rock mass. A location of great landscapes, this village was throughout time chosen by different peoples as a place of dwelling and defence, giving rise to a walled set that marks the skyline and defines the history of the region.



Walking Tour "De Évora ao Alto de São Bento " - "From Évora to Alto de São Bento"
7,1Km - Low difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
Évora, a historic city in the heart of the Alentejo, is heir to a rich and varied cultural heritage, built and preserved over time. Monuments and noble buildings, in harmony with the popular nature of the urban fabric, make up a whole that has been Unesco World Heritage since 1986. One such example is the unique landscape of the Alto de São Bento, the most important viewpoint overlooking the city of Évora and the surrounding countryside.

Walking Tour "Memórias dos Moinhos de Alvito" - "Memories of the Mills of Alvito"
14,8Km - Medium difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
When you arrive in Alvito you are at the heart of the Alentejo geographically-speaking, since it is equidistant from practically the entire territory. However, it is also the heart in the emotional sense of the word, based on the authenticity of the abundant historical heritage and a productive rurality based on its agricultural offering. Bearing witness to the area’s cereal producing past are the many windmills that give this route its name.



Walking Tour "Rota da Água de Odivelas" - "Water Route of Odivelas"
11,3Km - Low difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
These are the great plains that once glowed in the sun with the golden mantle of cereals, dotted with centenary olive groves and scattered holm oaks. Currently the landscapes are becoming greener with the successive advances in irrigation and extensive olive groves, orange groves and almond trees appear. At the top of the hill, Aldeia de Odivelas is vigilant over all these fields and over the stream that it gives its name to, which has always been the reason for settling the inhabitants of this territory.

Walking Tour "Rota da Serra de Grândola" - "Grândola Hills"
24Km - High difficulty - Accessible to good walkers
In Grândola you will find a sea of green and one of the greatest cork oak forests in the entire Alentejo. Here is a natural space high in ecological value and boasting considerable biodiversity; a space where cork of the highest quality is produced, one of the greatest riches among the forest’s resources. The terrain here is quite hilly, giving you a series of high points from which to admire vast landscapes and valleys with lively bubbling streams. In bygone days, many people called these places home, as can be seen from the numerous “Montes Alentejanos”, hamlets built of lath and plaster and adobe, that dot the Serra de Grândola.



Walking Tour "Entre Quintas e Montado" - "Between Farms and Oak Groves"
14Km - Low difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
These are the famous lands settled in mediaeval times by the Order of Saint James of the Sword, vital in the conquest and Christianisation of the territory that would later become the Kingdom of Portugal. It is from this memory that the name Santiago derives; and associated with this name is Kassém, from the Arabic, the civilisation that inherited the important Roman metropole of Miróbriga and various Celtic and prehistoric vestiges. Over time, the rural space was divided up and an attractive mosaic of working farms gave way to estates and oak groves that define a landscape of greenery and life.


Walking Tour "Costa de Sines" - "Sines Coast"
11,2Km - Low difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
Jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, the Sines Peninsula is the westernmost point on the entire Alentejo coast. As a result of its connection to the sea, Sines is a port city, traditionally a base for fishing and, in the last few decades, an important deep-water port where there is a major maritime port. However, the good organisation of the territory in Sines means that magnificent scenery can be enjoyed along the coast, practically on the doorstep of the traditional and historical urban centre.

Walking Tour "Rota do Senhor dos Mártires" - "Lord of the Medieval Martyrs Route"
12,5Km - Low difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
Exploring Alcácer do Sal is almost like entering the Alentejo through the great Atlantic road, which is the River Sado. A splendid riverside settlement since prehistoric times, its importance grew in the Roman period, as the first port of access to the whole empire. Built in mediaeval times, the castle is one of the most important symbols of the Christian reconquest and of the installation of the order of Saint James of the Sword. The surrounding fields are today immense rice paddies; this cereal crop has made its mark on the landscape, gastronomy and the natural habitats for the fauna and flora.



City Tour at Setúbal downtown
2 hours - Cultural tour
Setúbal has in its urban downtown traces of ancient times, from the roman period, passing through the medieval walls, to the testimonies of reconstruction after the 1755 earthquake. The medieval doors, the small streets of the moorish quarter and the jewish quarter are still visible with the industrial city of canned fish that was born at the end of the 19th century and the great tourist metropolis of the 21st century.
- Free lunch
- Transfer to Lisbon Airport
- End of program




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