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The EN2 National Road is one of the three transnational roads in the world, which crosses all of Portugal, from the northern border, with Spain, to the Atlantic, in the south. It covers ten municipalities in the territory of Alentejo, where we choose the best walking routes closer to the EN2. Walking all over the Alentejo seeing and feeling the different landscapes, taking the EN2 is a unique experience to live in the Alentejo.

Duration, Calendar and Group
11 days program
- October to May (*)
Groups from 6 to 16 participants

Indicative Prices
99,99 Euros a day per person (dinner free - not included)
119,99 Euros a day per person (with dinners)

Bookings and Reservations
Prepare this program as early as possible. The final reservation must be made up to three months before the date of the program, because it takes time to prepare the hotel reservation, the final study of the routes, the choice of guides and the public and private legal authorizations.
As information by email

Daily Program
The days of the program always include a pedestrian route, of varying dimensions, but never of extreme difficulty, which starts in the morning and runs, unhurriedly, until the end of the morning or in the afternoon.

The list of walking routes over the days, for each program, can be changed by different conditions, always maintaining the totality of the offer presented. Unexpected situations of a meteorological nature, restrictions of access, inoperability of the trail, hunting days, blocking by owners or others may imply occasional changes to the global program.
On the longest routes there will be a fly-by lunch, distributed to the walkers after breakfast, and on the shorter walks, we try to go to lunch at a restaurant typical of the local communities. Don't expect luxuries or tourist sites.

After the hikes, there will be time to get to know a little of the local communities, with a visit to the Municipal Museum, Church, Archaeological Monument or Historic Center.

In all programs there will always be one or two visits to a Community Institution - Center for the Elderly, Charity, Disabled, Children with Special Needs, Environment, Nature Conservation, Wild Birds or others. Visiting hikers will, whenever appropriate, be asked for a small financial contribution to help this institution. However, the main reason for these visits is to show what is done in the territory at this level and to contribute to its dissemination.

After these visits there will be time to try a typical sample of Portuguese cuisine. It can be more traditional in a tavern or cellar, with cheeses, sausages and wines or more contemporary in a pastry with sweets and delicious coffee.

The program dinner may or may not be included. In case of being included, family-based restaurants will always be chosen, with typical food and always with alternatives for differentiated options - medical diet, vegetarians, religious options, others. For programs without dinner included, you can be free in case of a place with several alternatives or a restaurant will be chosen in the modality of "each person chooses his menu and makes his payment".

See a big size map at bottom of the page

- Accommodation at Hotel with all facilities - Double room
- Breakfast an Hotel, all days
- Lunch box ou restaurant lunch
- Dinner all days OR free dinner (not included)
- Transfers from/to airport/train station (fly/train not included)
- Transfers from/to trails places
- Permanent guide and logistics
- Insurance and national licences by law
- VAT and Taxes

Suplements to consider
- Wine Cheese / Coffee Cake - Pay at local places.
- Single Room -
30,00 to 40,00 Euros a day.
- Charity Donation or Community Visits at local institutions.
- Summer, Christmas, New Year, Easter
- Ask disponibilities and extra custs.
- Groups with less than 6 or more than 16 participants - Ask specific program and custs.


This information must be oficialized by a concret proposal and budget. Put your questions and ask to info@walkinalentejo.com

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The Day 0 is considered the arrival day, when the schedules of the planes or trains are variable. Considering the long distances to travel by car to the program's initial accommodation, this day is usually reserved for accommodation and, if there is time, a short walk around the hotel followed by the presentation dinner.

Walking Tour "Olhar Montargil" - "Discovering Montargil"

7,5Km - Low difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
The huge lake of the Montargil Reservoir marks the landscape from the various viewpoints and high points around Montargil, looking like a never-ending watery mirror. The configuration of the route lets you start with a panoramic urban circuit which takes you past the city centre’s most important monuments, followed by a nature-trail section; this latter takes you through varied forest landscapes with sublime scenery of wide open
spaces, always with the lake as backdrop.


Walking Tour "Mora, um Amor para Sempre" - "Mora, a Eternal Love
18Km - Medium difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
Here you will find a water-filled Alentejo all year round, a transitional space between the mountainous areas to the east and the floodplains to the west. The oak groves are vitally important not only because of cork production but also because they ensure very biodiverse ecosystems, enriched by fabulous megalithic remains. It is a constantly-changing landscape with horizons stretching to infinity, deep valleys and the possibility of walking along what was once an important regional railway line.


Walking Tour "Barragem do Maranhão de Avis" - "Maranhão Dam of Avis"

7,1Km - Low difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
In Avis, we have the perfect combination of nature and culture, an expansive reservoir with long stretches of calm and relaxing waters, and a landscape replete with fields of cork and holm oak, old-growth olive trees and grazing land for as far as the eye can see. History has been a part of this land for millennia but the high point came with the establishment of the headquarters of the Order of Aviz in this territory. This was the house to which King John I of Portugal belonged. Such was his success and acclaim that he became known as the king “of Fond Memory”.


Walking Tour "
Montemor entre Olivais e Montado" - "Olive Orchads and Oak Groves of Montemor"

13,6Km - Low difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
It is said that Montemor o Novo is the Alentejo on your doorstep because its geographical location is so central that it is easy to get to whichever route you choose. And it was precisely because of this ancient crossroads that people began settling in this hamlet, the largest in the area. The whitewashed houses of the village are surrounded by extensive green fields, ancient olive orchards and abundant cork and holm oak groves.



Walking Tour "

0,0Km - Difficulty - Accessible to all walkers

In preparation


Walking Tour "
0,0Km - difficulty - Accessible to all walkers

In preparation


Walking Tour "Rota da Água de Odivelas" - "Water Route of Odivelas"

11,3Km - Low difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
These are the great plains that once glowed in the sun with the golden mantle of cereals, dotted with centenary olive groves and scattered holm oaks. Currently the landscapes are becoming greener with the successive advances in irrigation and extensive olive groves, orange groves and almond trees appear. At the top of the hill, Aldeia de Odivelas is vigilant over all these fields and over the stream that it gives its name to, which has always been the reason for settling the inhabitants of this territory.

Walking Tour "Aljustrel tem uma Mina" - " Aljustrel has a Mine
12Km - High difficulty - Accessible to good walkers
This is the famous Roman Vipasca, one of the major mining centres in the empire, which broke new ground deep below the earth’s surface. Later it was the Islamic “Al-lustre”, a term that clearly refers to the lustre and light that could be seen on the surface in the form of pyrites and their geological counterparts. However, Aljustrel also has glistening grain fields, dotted with old-growth trees, cut across by small streams and cradled by charming never-ending scenery, sweeping views and endless soul.



Walking Tour "Viagem aos Primórdios da Nacionalidade" - "A Journey to the Origins of Portuguese Nationality"

11,7Km - Low difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
The cereal fields of Castro Verde mark the lines of the horizon in every direction, giving you the impression that you could walk to infinity. The starting point for this route is Namorados, a curious name that harks back to the habit of positioning younger soldiers in less dangerous battlefield locations. It once served to guard the ore existing underground and now discretely guards secrets of endless paths. Reaching the Cerro de São Pedro das Cabeças is the equivalent of conquering the best of Portugal’s legendary history, where the origins of Portuguese nationality lie.


Walking Tour "Ao Longo da Ribeira de Odelouca" - "Along Odelouca Stream"
9,5Km - High difficulty - Accessible to good walkers
Almodôvar’s vast territory is a mystery waiting to be explored, in terms of both its geography and its history. People have lived here since the Neolithic period, and stones engraved with Southwest Script have been found here, taking us back 2,500 years into the past, to a time when stone was the support for the written word. Various civilisations have
been responsible for shaping Almodôvar’s identity; crossing the Serra do Caldeirão uplands, they gave rise to hamlets such as São Barnabé, known as the capital of medronho, the famous brandy made from the fruit of the strawberry tree.



City Tour at Setúbal downtown
2 hours - Cultural tour
Setúbal has in its urban downtown traces of ancient times, from the roman period, passing through the medieval walls, to the testimonies of reconstruction after the 1755 earthquake. The medieval doors, the small streets of the moorish quarter and the jewish quarter are still visible with the industrial city of canned fish that was born at the end of the 19th century and the great tourist metropolis of the 21st century.

ALTERNATIVE: Transfer and free time in Lisbon
- Free lunch
- Transfer to airport
- End of program




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