Located on a small elevation, surrounded by extensive plains, the town of Ferreira do Alentejo is today an important center of agricultural production with emphasis on the cultivation of olive groves and the production of olive oil. Legend has it that here there was a city with a Roman foundation called Singa, which was defended from barbaric invasions by the wife of a blacksmith, armed with strong iron mallets. Thus the name of the village would have been born. Only the memory of the Medieval Castle remains, as its stone was demolished in the 19th century to be used in the construction of the village houses and in its place to be built the cemetery. It becomes incredible as in lands with little relief and elevations, but strongly marked by water lines and irrigation systems, you can find such distinct landscapes and historical heritages so rich since a distant past.

What is a "Walk In" Program ?
The "Walk In" program, included in the great offer of Walk in Alentejo, is aimed at short-term stays in a well-defined geographically region, usually a municipality or its surroundings, with a well-structured, well-signposted walking trail with elements well-organized support services - maps, trails, documentation. The basic offer is self-guided walking routes with a base version of three days and a long version of five to six days, in which the offer of daily routes can be changed in the final composition of the program. In the territory there will always be a support person who, not guiding the walking routes, will be present whenever necessary. If the group wishes, there will be a permanent guide in the program. Walks are always completed with visits to typically "non-tourist" places where the best relationship between visitors and locals is promoted in what we like to call Proximity Tourism, which for some is the True Luxury Tourism.

Duration, Calendar and Group
3 and 6 days programs
- January to December (*)
Weekend or weekdays
Couples, individuals (min 2 persons), families and groups
Self-guided - Walking guide as suplement

Indicative Prices
3 days program - 179,00Euros/day per person
6 days program - 169,00Euros/day per person

Indicative prices mean that these are the average tariffs for the different services included. Each specific program will have an accurate budget that depends on the group, the season, the services included and the purchase channel used. Please always ask for information by email.

Bookings and Reservations
Prepare this program as early as possible. The final reservation must be made up to three months before the date of the program, because it takes time to prepare the hotel reservation, the final study of the routes, the choice of guides and the public and private legal authorizations.
Ask information by email

Daily Program
The days of the program always include a pedestrian route, of varying dimensions, but never of extreme difficulty, which starts in the morning and runs, unhurriedly, until the end of the morning or in the afternoon.

The list of walking routes over the days, for each program, can be changed by different conditions, always maintaining the totality of the offer presented. Unexpected situations of a meteorological nature, restrictions of access, inoperability of the trail, hunting days, blocking by owners or others may imply occasional changes to the global program.
On the longest routes there will be a fly-by lunch, distributed to the walkers after breakfast, and on the shorter walks, we try to go to lunch at a restaurant typical of the local communities. Don't expect luxuries or tourist sites.

The program dinner may or may not be included. In case of being included, family-based restaurants will always be chosen, with typical food and always with alternatives for differentiated options - medical diet, vegetarians, religious options, others. For programs without dinner included, you can be free in case of a place with several alternatives or a restaurant will be chosen in the modality of "each person chooses his menu and makes his payment".


See a big size map at bottom of the page



- Accommodation at Hotel with all facilities - Double room
- Breakfast an Hotel, all days
- Lunch box ou restaurant lunch
- Dinner all days
- Private rental car - From/to airport/train station
- Insurance and national licences by law
- VAT and Taxes

Suplements to consider
- Wine Cheese / Coffee Cake - Pay at local places.
- Single Room -
30,00 to 40,00 Euros a day.
- Charity Donation or Community Visits at local institutions.
- Summer, Christmas, New Year, Easter
- Ask disponibilities and extra costs.
- Permanent guide - Ask extra costs.

Economy program
- Dinners not included - Free dinner
- Private rental car not included - Use own car
- Medium size groups

This information must be oficialized by a concret proposal and budget. Put your questions and ask to info@walkinalentejo.com

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Name (personal name + surname)

Country and Town-Village


Phone (with international code)

Message - Information request


Arriving day

- Arrive at Airport ou TrainStation
- Pickup private rental car
- Journey to Ferreira crossing Portugal - About 2/2,5 hours

- Checkin at Hotel or Rural Tourism
- Free time
- Dinner at Traditional Restaurant


Walking Tour "Rota do Cerro da Águia" - "Eagle Hill Route"
13,8Km - Medium difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
This is vast territory filled with gentle landscapes, where times passes at its own pace. Legend has it that, in the fifth century, it was the valiant wife of the local blacksmith who, armed with sledgehammer, defended the city of Singa against invading barbarians. A defensive fortification was built on the site where the Castle of the Order of Saint James once stood, and which today is where the local cemetery is to be found. Today, the fields
around Ferreira are fertile olive groves that shape a productive rural landscape and provide a restful view for the eyes and souls of passers-by.

09:00h - Breakfast at Hotel or Rural Tourism
10:00h - Start of Walking Tour at Ferreira do Alentejo Town
12:00h - Lunch box at tour
15:00h - Visit to Ferreira do Alentejo Museum
17:00h - Gastronomical Taste
20:00h - Dinner at Traditional Restaurant


Walking Tour "Rota do Azeite" - "Olive Oil Route"
13,8Km - Medium difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
In Figueira de Cavaleiros the history of the Order of Santiago is marked and it is said that an advanced defense guard was installed here in the Ferreira do Alentejo county seat with its Church devoted to São Sebastião, protector of diseases and pests and a space for access control for travelers and outsiders. Nowadays, the well-aligned olive groves are part of the important and emblematic Lagar do Marmelo, a production unit of the olive tree's golden thread and unparalleled architectural work.

08:30h - Breakfast at Hotel or Rural Tourism
10:00h - Start of Walking Tour at Figueira de Cavaleiros
11:00h - Visit to Olive Oil Mill "Lagar do Marmelo"
13:00h - Lunch box at tour
15:00h - Gastronomical Taste
20:00h - Dinner at Traditional Restaurant


Walking Tour "Rota da Água de Odivelas" - "Water Route of Odivelas"
11,3Km - Low difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
These are the great plains that once glowed in the sun with the golden mantle of cereals, dotted with centenary olive groves and scattered holm oaks. Currently the landscapes are becoming greener with the successive advances in irrigation and extensive olive groves, orange groves and almond trees appear. At the top of the hill, Aldeia de Odivelas is vigilant over all these fields and over the stream that it gives its name to, which has always been the reason for settling the inhabitants of this territory.

08:30h - Breakfast at Hotel or Rural Tourism - Checkout
10:00h - Start of Walking Tour at Odivelas Village
13:00h - Lunch box at tour
15:00h - Gastronomical Taste
15:00h - End of program of 3 days

Program 6 days
20:00h - Dinner at Traditional Restaurant


Walking Tour "Rota Michel Giacometti" - "Michel Giacometti Route"
14Km - Medium difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
This is a markedly agricultural territory between the traditional villages of Peroguarda and Alfundão, where there are various types of large-scale production. The landscapes alternate between the cereal fields. in their varied colors throughout the year, the traditional irrigated crops marked by the abundance of green in the summer and, finally, with the fields of intense production of vines for table grapes, olive groves and almond trees. It was in this land that he decided to spend the last days of his life, the Sociologist and Historian Michel Giacometti. Born in Corsica, he had a life dedicated to the study of popular music and Portuguese ethnographic customs.

08:30h - Breakfast at Hotel or Rural Tourism
10:00h - Start of Walking Tour at Peroguarda Village
13:00h - Lunch box at tour
16:00h - Gastronomical Taste
20:00h - Dinner at Traditional Restaurant


Walking Tour "Rota do Montado" - "Cork Oak Route"
15Km - Medium difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
A territory marked by the classic images of cork oak and holm oak, on land where rainfed agriculture prevails, with wide cereal fields, alternating with areas of ancestral colonization. The passage through ancient strongholds for the defense of valuable ores, today transformed into typical villages, where time seems to have stopped and where whitewashed walls reign. The montado is a man-made ecosystem, characteristic of the Alentejo. They are cork and holm oak forests with a very delicate balance and that only exist in the south of the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa. The cork oaks are robust trees, with a bark of enormous commercial importance, called cork, which is removed very carefully every nine-year cycle.

08:30h - Breakfast at Hotel or Rural Tourism
10:00h - Start of Walking Tour at Fortes Village
13:00h - Lunch box at tour
16:00h - Gastronomical Taste
20:00h - Dinner at Traditional Restaurant


Walking Tour "Costa de Sines" - "Sines Coast"
11,2Km - Low difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
Jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, the Sines Peninsula is the westernmost point on the entire Alentejo coast. As a result of its connection to the sea, Sines is a port city, traditionally a base for fishing and, in the last few decades, an important deep-water port where there is a major maritime port. However, the good organisation of the territory in Sines means that magnificent scenery can be enjoyed along the coast, practically on the doorstep of the traditional and historical urban centre.

08:30h - Breakfast at Hotel or Rural Tourism - Checkout
10:00h - Start of Walking Tour at Sines Village
13:00h - Lunch box at tour
15:00h - End of program of 6 days





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