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The Hotel Monte Filipe is a modern and elegant accommodation unit - 4 Star Hotel - built in 2012. It has 50 rooms equipped with all amenities and is integrated in a rural environment, next to the village of Alpalhão in Alto Alentejo. The name of the hotel comes from the ancestral name of the hill where it is located, in full rural surroundings, but practically in the center of the village of Alpalhão. It has easy access by the main communication routes and is located at exactly the same distance from several historical locations, places of interest and diverse and sublime landscapes.
Hotel Programs
in which based on a hotel unit, the best trails in the vicinity are covered, with a complementary program of high quality.

Duration, Calendar and Group
3 and 6 days programs
- January to December (*)
Weekend or weekdays
Couples, individuals (min 2 persons), families and groups
Self-guided - Walking guide as suplement

Indicative Prices
In preparation - Ask information by email

Indicative prices mean that these are the average tariffs for the different services included. Each specific program will have an accurate budget that depends on the group, the season, the services included and the purchase channel used. Please always ask for information by email.

Bookings and Reservations
Prepare this program as early as possible. The final reservation must be made up to three months before the date of the program, because it takes time to prepare the hotel reservation, the final study of the routes, the choice of guides and the public and private legal authorizations.
Ask information by email

Daily Program
The days of the program always include a pedestrian route, of varying dimensions, but never of extreme difficulty, which starts in the morning and runs, unhurriedly, until the end of the morning or in the afternoon.

The list of walking routes over the days, for each program, can be changed by different conditions, always maintaining the totality of the offer presented. Unexpected situations of a meteorological nature, restrictions of access, inoperability of the trail, hunting days, blocking by owners or others may imply occasional changes to the global program.
On the longest routes there will be a fly-by lunch, distributed to the walkers after breakfast, and on the shorter walks, we try to go to lunch at a restaurant typical of the local communities. Don't expect luxuries or tourist sites.

The program dinner may or may not be included. In case of being included, family-based restaurants will always be chosen, with typical food and always with alternatives for differentiated options - medical diet, vegetarians, religious options, others. For programs without dinner included, you can be free in case of a place with several alternatives or a restaurant will be chosen in the modality of "each person chooses his menu and makes his payment".

See a big size map at bottom of the page



- Accommodation at Hotel Monte Filipe - Double room
- Breakfast an Hotel, all days
- Lunch box ou restaurant lunch
- Dinner all days
- Private rental car - From/to airport/train station
- Insurance and national licences by law
- VAT and Taxes

Suplements to consider
- Wine Cheese / Coffee Cake - Pay at local places.
- Single Room -
30,00 to 40,00 Euros a day.
- Charity Donation or Community Visits at local institutions.
- Summer, Christmas, New Year, Easter
- Ask disponibilities and extra costs.
- Permanent guide - Ask extra costs.

Economy program
- Dinners not included - Free dinner
- Private rental car not included - Use own car
- Medium size groups

This information must be oficialized by a concret proposal and budget. Put your questions and ask to

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Monte Filipe Hotel
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Indoor Swiming Pool, Jacuzzi and SPA


Walking Tour "Arribas do Tejo" - "Tagus River Banks"
16Km - Medium plus difficulty - Accessible to good walkers
This is the part of the Alentejo region located to the north of the River Tagus. In mediaeval times, the area was defended by Belver Castle. These were the Lands of Guidintesta, given over to the Order of the Hospital, which built a replica of Jerusalem’s Belvoir Fortress here. The river marks a trail through nature teeming with life; here, too, are megalithic remains,
historical defensive structures, ancient but now submerged river and sulphurous spas, and a huge, dammed reflecting pool, bounded by a romantic walkway.

Optional Visits
- Belver Medieval Castle
- Soap Museum
- Carpets Museum


Walking Tour "Trilho da Mina de Ouro dos Romanos" -"Roman Gold Mine Trail"
8,5Km - Medium difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
More than 2000 years of history await us close to the majestic world geological heritage of Portas de Ródão. In times past and for hundreds of years, the riverbed was "washed" to collect the gold nuggets that sprouted between the rolled pebbles. In addition to fantastic landscapes, this is a journey marked by the history of mankind.

Optional Visits
- Tagus Valley Rock Art Interpretation Center
- Templar Tower - King Wamba Castle in Portas de Ródão


Walking Tour "Conquista do Castelo de Marvão" - "Conquest of Marvão Castle"
8,5Km - Medium plus difficulty - Accessible to good walkers
Vila de Marvão is a magical place with a medieval castle on top of a rocky hill from which you can see the whole world. Perfectly preserved at the level of houses and knowledge, it is an unmistakable place. In the end, discover the ancient secrets of how wine is produced in huge clay pots and taste the local cuisine.

Optional Visits
- Marvão Medieval Castle
- Municipal Museum of Marvão
- Portagem Roman Bridge
- Roman City of Ammaia


Walking Tour "Paisagens Fantásticas de Póvoa e Meadas" - "Fantatsic Landscapes of Póvoa e Meadas"
13,2Km - Low difficulty - Accessible to all walkers
The fields of Póvoa e Meadas portray an image of utter serenity and bucolic peacefulness. The paths between walls mark the traces of passage of many centuries of travellers who, having found refuge and shelter here, have settled and turned lands of harsh but attractive granite outcrops into fertile fields. Oak forests, old-growth holm oaks and farm animals provide the ideal company for walkers along the incomparably beautiful route.

Optional Visits
- Castelo de Vide Jewish Heritage
- Barona Beer Shop
- Taste "Boleima" Typical Pastry
Romantic Garden of Castelo de Vide


Walking Tour "Rota Histórica de Flor da Rosa" - "Historical Route of Flor da Rosa"
20Km - Medium plus difficulty - Accessible to good walkers
A vast territory was the headquarters of the Knights Hospitaller, now known as the Order of Malta, lands belonging to the Álvares Pereira family, to which the history of Portugal owes so much. Between legends of deadly loves in Flor da Rosa and secular defences in the Castles, we have fertile lands that have been peopled with scattered settlements since prehistoric times. Today, this is marvellous countryside for walking; you can feel the
energy from those bygone days, in landscapes that have already borne witness to so many fabulous civilisations.

Optional Visits
- Flor da Rosa Medieval Castle Museum
- Historical Center of Crato Village


City Tour at Alpalhão
2 hours - Cultural tour at Urban Art Gallery of Alpalhão
Who would have thought that the best of Statuary Art was spread out over the fields and through the streets of Alpalhão. Out there, within the reach of everyone, admirers of art, carefree tourists and dedicated photographers.
This is the opportunity to see each piece, each work of art. Admire every stroke, every impact, every line. From blocks without form were born by the carving and chisel what was always there in that block. Only the excess has been withdrawn. For who knows, because who likes, who feels.

Optional Visits
- Toy Museum
- Jewish Heritage at Alpalhão House Doors
- Typical Taverns





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