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That immense sea as far as the eye can see, bordered by the toasted yellow cliffs, where the waves crash and splash the fishermen's trails with salt spray. The seaside villages, with what remains of the lost civilizations of sailors and shellfishers.Rota Vicentina is an established brand in a region that knows how to receive people who like to walk, who like to eat fresh fish, who like to laugh, who like to look at the sea and look at themselves.

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We know beautiful routes, we have friendly and knowledgeable guides, we keep the right walking step, we have total security and help support when needed. Organize your trip without risks and with the greatest comfort in this wonderful territory called Alentejo. Bring your business colleagues or students from your school for a nature hike program in the Alentejo. Imagine your wedding party in a space of culture, nature and authentic charm.

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The most recommended programs for this type of groups are the guided and hotel programs or participation in scheduled regular activities. See below for the most popular program proposals for individuals or small groups.



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In view of the Coronavirus pandemic that generated COVID19 worldwide, all "Walk in Alentejo" walks are CANCELED until the situation normalizes.

Meghalitic Circuit of Alentejo

7 Days Program - October to May (*)
Groups from 6 to 16 participants

Megalithism is an impressive testimony of civilizations of several millennia, some 6000 years before Christ, in which people from immense territories produced and aligned buildings of large blocks of stone. Building dolmens, fabulous funerary monuments, or placing stones, more or less rolled in the middle of the fields, in isolated menhirs, or finally in fabulous aligned structures, the famous Cromlech. For the best testimonies of the Alentejo, the six best walking routes were studied in order to have a global view of more than 8000 years of Alentejo history.


Magnificent Castles of Alentejo

The castles of Alentejo are a fundamental part in the historical and tourist affirmation of the territory. Built over several centuries, they aimed to protect villages, cities and populations, always affirming the independence of Portugal and the defense of the nation. Today they mark the landscape of the Alentejo and are an important cultural heritage and a source of pride for those who live in its proximity and for those who visit and learn more from the history of these places. Visitors from all over the world have a special attraction for Castles and a region like the Alentejo is a privileged destination to get to know them through excellent walks. In all the walking routes of these programs it is possible to see, walk or visit the Castelo do Alentejo associated with it. 


Roman Heritage

7 Days Program - October to May (*)
Groups from 6 to 16 participants

We are in the middle of Roman Lusitania, where even before the Romans varied civilizations came in search of the riches of the subsoil, that is to say the rich ores of gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc. The Romans here settled down for several centuries leaving the remains of their cities, their temples, their roads and their culture well rooted in the Latin language and in fantastic traditions such as the production of wine in clay pots. These are some of the walking routes that make us know and visit much of this historical heritage.



Hotel Rural Santo António Walking & Hiking Programs
3 to 6 Days Program - January to December (*)
Groups from 2 participants

The Hotel Monte Filipe is a modern and elegant accommodation unit - 4 Star Hotel - built in 2012. It has 50 rooms equipped with all amenities and is integrated in a rural environment, next to the village of Alpalhão in Alto Alentejo. The name of the hotel comes from the ancestral name of the hill where it is located, in full rural surroundings, but practically in the center of the village of Alpalhão. It has easy access by the main communication routes and is located at exactly the same distance from several historical locations, places of interest and diverse and sublime landscapes.
Hotel Programs are based on a hotel unit, the best trails in the vicinity are covered, with a complementary program of high quality





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